Thursday, 3 April 2014

Global Agricultural Films - $7.1 Billion by 2017

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Agriculture film also called as agro films is an new trend in agriculture. It improves the productivity as plastic gives properties beneficial to the plant growth like water loss, prevents insects and acts as an UV stabilization to cool soil, Photo synthetically active radiation  is eliminated to prevent weed growth. Anti drip, anti fog, IR opacity, fluorescent films.

Mulch Film
Mulch film helps to increase the efficient use of such resources as heat, water, nutrients and pesticides. It also helps in the development of plants and fruits and controls weeds. This film helps to allow the plastic so that they  lie tighter on the planting beds, or perforated for venting or planting. 

Low Tunnels or Micro Tunnels
Micro tunnels help generate a greenhouse environment that protects crops during cold months from low temperatures. When most damages occurs. They also help protect against birds, insects, and are used to produce early harvests and increase crop yield. 

Solarization Film
The advantage of Soil solarization film is they control pests, weeds, and diseases. High temperatures obtained beneath solarization film can kill fungi, nematodes, and many weed seeds and soil insects. This film is available with infrared (IR) and anti-fog additives, as needed.

Greenhouse Film
The greenhouse films incorporate additives and stabilizers to provide longer film life and to meet specific growing needs, such as anti-fog, anti-drip, infrared (IR) enhancement, UV durability and more.

High Tunnels
High Tunnels are also called Hoop houses, these greenhouse structures helps in producing early harvests, improving quality, protection from moisture and extending the harvest season. Relatively inexpensive and easy to construct, they also can help deliver rapid return on investment. 

Global Agriculture film market:

The Agriculture film market into sub segments which include greenhouse Classic greenhouse films, Macro tunnels or walking tunnels and Low tunnels and floating covers, silage- Silage stretch films, Silage sheet and Silage bags, mulch- Transparent or clear mulches, Black mulches and others.  Agricultural films are a billion dollar market which is expected to reach $7.1 billion by 2017 at a CAGR of 6.7% from 2012 to 2017. Currently, greenhouse films and mulch films are the major application segments which are expected to boost the global market.